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Ink Steel is an ambient pedal steel library for Kontakt that uses key switching to change between single notes and chord sets. Think more Daniel Lanois than Western Swing. And it's really easy to use.

Ink Steel imitates pedal steel behavior by sustaining some notes while bending others. It's split into two key switched sections and vibrato is added with the mod wheel.

Red key switches are for single notes. The white keys pitch bend within the major scale while the black keys do not. Transpose to different keys with the tuning knob in Kontakt.

C1 = 2nd up/2nd down

Db1 = 3rd up/3rd down

D1 = 3rd up/2nd down

Eb1 = 2nd up/3rd down

Orange key switches are for pre-voiced chord sets that pitch bend differently. The white keys are for diatonic chords and the black keys are for other common chords.

C = 1

Db = 1add9

D = 2min

Eb = 2dom7

E = 1/3

F = 4

F# = 4min

G = 5

G# = #5dim7

A = 6-

Bb = b7

B = 5/7

Compatible with Kontakt 5 and up and weighs in at 418 mb!