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Voice Memo Grand

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Voice Memo Grand is a deeply sampled piano library for Kontakt recorded entirely with a smartphone.

The backstory:

Smartphone mics are tiny electret omni condensers that make what I think are some really interesting recordings. In my productions, I find that I'm often sampling sounds from the original voice memo work tapes because they have such a cool character; roomy, lo fi, eq'd and compressed weird, etc. It was inspired by the sounds of the mellotron, lofi and ambient music and ‘found sound’ style recordings.

How it works:

There are four articulations to switch between with varying levels of background ambience. The interface has controls for ADSR, filter, width, tremolo (time synced), lofi (bit and sample rate), delay and reverb. It's noisy and unpredictable and there's a lot of sonic territory this thing can cover.

What's included:

Grand, Grand 1/2 Speed, Soft, Soft 1/2 Speed

32 presets

What you need:

  • A full version of Kontakt 6 and up (not Kontakt Player)
  • 5.23 of space on your computer or hard drive.