The Noise You Never Hear
The Noise You Never Hear

The Noise You Never Hear

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One morning, my two-month-old daughter was struggling to breathe. In the blink of an eye, my wife and I were in a hospital room with her surrounded by doctors and nurses. She was going to be there a while.

Somewhere around the time when night became the next morning, her vitals started to improve. I sat looking at all the instruments and devices and drips and wires weaving around her. I stared at the beeping lights and blips on screens and thought about all the little machines that help us when we aren't strong enough.

It was almost silent in the room but there was so much going on under the quiet. I made this library as an homage to the angels in the wires making all the noise you never hear. 

Using an EMF recorder, I recorded the electromagnetic fields around various devices; hospital equipment, computers, phones, power supplies and random other electronics. Then I used a Pultec-style EQ to attenuate or boost frequencies to taste. The sounds are very irregular and don't sound like a traditional synth. They whir and hum and crackle and drone in their own weird way. There's a surprising amount of variety in what's hiding in an otherwise soundless room.

There are sixteen controls in four columns:

Envelope - Attack, Sustain, Decay, Release

Filter - High Pass, Low Pass, Reduce, Degrade

Drive - Tape Sat, Punch, Push, Limit

Space - Verb, Delay Time, Repeats, Delay Vol

Mod wheel makes an additional jitter with three random LFO’s. Pitch bend is volume.

40 Patches:

Alternating Current, Bad Circuit, Bad Conductor, Basement Glitch, Blue Bug Zapper Light, Busy Breaker, Copper Wire, Corner Noise, Cross Talk, Drop Outs, Easy Does It, Electric Hello, Eletromagnetic Kit, Ether Babble, Fizzles Out, Flip the Switch, Fork in the Socket, Ghosts of Bees, Gone Unnoticed, High and Dry, Hum Along, Iffy, In the Air, In the Walls, Interrupted, Lights On, Little Something There, Low Voltage, Machine Learning, Not Grounded, Out of Nowhere, Polarities, Power Supply, Short Rumble, Stereo Static, Switched On, Too Much Juice, Tuning In, Unstable, Wires Crossed

What you need;

  • A full version of Kontakt 6.8 or above. 
  • 180.8 mb on your drive