The Quietest Band in the World
The Quietest Band in the World

The Quietest Band in the World

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I love how instruments feel at their lowest volumes. You hear all the texture of the bow, the click of the keys, more of the overtones, more air. Playing in this fragile way is hard to control and can give you a lot irregularities and character.  Sometimes it makes the instrument almost hard to recognize and becomes it's own thing. Sometimes it becomes a sound that you feel more than hear.

It’s helpful to have a wide ranging toolkit for this with drums, percussion, bass, keyboards, winds, guitars, strings and oddball miscellaneous stuff that you can't quite put your finger on.

All combined, there's a big range of production possibilities here. It’s 67 patches in total. Works for many styles of music. It sounds organic, nuanced, full of character and as soft as it can be.

There are sixteen controls in four columns:

- Envelope - attack, sustain, decay, release

- Filter - high pass, low pass, reduce, degrade

- Drive - Tape Sat, Punch, Push, Limit

- Space - Verb, Delay Time, Repeats, Delay Vol


28 Inch Kick Drum, Acoustic Guitar Paper Bridge, Alto Sax Long, Alto Sax Short, Banjo Bowed, Banjo Hit, Bari Sax Long, Bari Sax Short, Bass Recorder Long, Bass Recorder Short, Brushes Bodhran Drum, Brushes in Palm, Cello, Charango, Cymbal Stacks, Felt Piano, Flute Keyhole Taps, Frame Drum Four Sizes, Glockenspiel Bowed, Glockenspiel Mallets, Half Size Rubber Bridge Nylon Acoustic, Kalimba, Kids Clarinet, Little Cabasa, Little Hat, Little Taps, Mallet Clangs, Mallet Roto Toms, Melodica Long, Melodica Long Vib, Melodica Med Vib, Mic’d Rhodes Tines, Muted Hang Drum, Muted Lap Steel Tweed Amp, Parlor Rubber Bridge Acoustic Tweed Amp, Rainstick, Recorder Long, Recorder Med Overblow, Roomy Bongo, Roomy Conga, Rubber Bridge Guitar Bow Chop, Saw Bow, Saw Mallet, Seed Shakers - Pala Pangi Chacha Juju, Shaker Handfuls, Singing Bowls, Soprano Sax Long, Soprano Sax Short, Tambourines Four Sizes, Taped Cymbals, Tenor Sax Long, Tenor Sax Short, Toy Piano, Tuning Forks, Two Bar Swells, Ukulele, Upright Bass Rubber Mute, Upright Bass, Upright Piano Guitar Pick, Upright Piano Paper Mute, Upright Piano Rubberband Mute, Upright Piano Safety Pin Mute, Upright Piano Wooden Thing Mute, Viola, Violin, Xylo Plastic Mallets

What you need;

  • A full version of Kontakt 6.8 or above. 
  • 3.12 gb on your drive