Ondes Martenot
Ondes Martenot

Ondes Martenot

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This is Ink Audio’s Ondes Martenot.

It’s a five part library for Kontakt. And it’s free.

Ondes Martenot is often considered one of the earliest electronic instruments. It has keyboard and ribbon controllers, allowing players to manipulate pitch, timbre, and volume with hand gestures. Using vacuum tubes to generate sound, it produces a distinctive, ethereal quality, popular in classical and experimental music. Composers like Messiaen and Ravel have used it and it’s a symbol of innovation in electronic music.

How it works:

Choose from 5 different speaker combinations:

  • K: Short for "Kolben" or piston: more direct sound.
  • Metallique: Metal speaker: bright and metallic
  • Neutral: A standard speaker configuration: no specific tonal coloration.
  • Palme: Palm speaker, shaped like a hand: warmer, more resonant sound.
  • Resonance: A speaker with resonating chambers: enhances certain frequencies.

Controls for attack, decay, release, filter, tape saturation and room reverb.

What you need;

  • A full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or up (not Kontakt Player)
  • 328.3 mb of space on your computer or hard drive