Banjo Rhythms
Banjo Rhythms

Banjo Rhythms

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Banjo Rhythms is a sample library for Kontakt that randomly combines rhythmic single-note loops in different key ranges to create interesting and unlikely arpeggios. It gives you the banjo sound without being traditional. The idea is to play chords and let the rhythms surprise you.

How it works;

There are six color-coded key ranges, each with 24 different recorded single-note loops. Use the random button to randomize the loops and tweak to your liking using either the arrows or dropdown menu. 

You can save 12 presets and choose between them during performance using the blue key switches.

Adjust volume and pan for each key range so you can spread the banjo around the stereo field. Everything syncs to the tempo of your session. 

UI controls for attack, release, filter and reverb.


  • Open
  • Palm Mute
  • Hybrid Open and Palm Mute

What you need;

  • A full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or up (not Kontakt Player)
  • 530.8 mb of space on your computer or hard drive