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Ink Pads is a collection of evolving analog synth pads that are combined randomly in different ranges to create interesting and unexpected soundscapes.

How it works;

There are forty five unique pads across five Kontakt instruments. The grid of knobs controls volume and pan for each pad in different key ranges and the ‘random’ button randomizes all of the knobs. Use the red key switches to mute or unmute sounds and use the yellow key switches to choose between four presets. Controls for envelope, filter and reverb at the bottom. Everything is assignable to your controller and there’s lots of possibilities for automation.

What’s included;

Four Hands; sampled and resampled while tweaking filters, lfo’s, drive and other parameters.

Feedback; sampled through Boss FB-2 Feedbacker while tweaking feedback, tone and character.

Verbed; sampled through 100% wet plate, spring and other reverbs.

Lofi; sampled through bit crushers, cassette, ring mod, vibe, etc.

Pedalboard; run through the whole board.

What you need:

  • A full version of Kontakt 6 and up (not Kontakt Player)
  • 4.78 gb of space on your computer or hard drive