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Ink Steel was inspired by modern pedal steel players like Daniel Lanois, Russ Pahl and BJ Cole. It fits great behind singer/songwriter, americana, ambient, or what Brian Eno called ‘zero-gravity country music.’ Play with the onboard effects or run it through your favorite plugins or pedal board. It's simple and a lot of fun.

How it works:

The instrument has eight unique chord sets and four single note sets which can be selected on the screen or key-switched on the keyboard. With each chord set, the pitch bend corresponds to the major scale.

In the chord sets, the white keys are diatonic chords and the black keys are other common chords (1variation, 2, 4min, #5dim, b7).

In the single note sets, the white keys are the major scale and the black keys are duplicate notes from the scale that don’t respond to the pitch bend. Play single notes, double stops, or create custom unique movements by combining keys that bend and keys that don’t.

Transpose chord sets and single notes using the arrows on the user interface.

    What you need:

    • A full version of Kontakt 5 and up (not Kontakt Player).
    • A midi keyboard with a pitch bend wheel.
    • 420 mb of space on your computer or hard drive.

    Additionally, five more sounds are available. 

    • Feedback - Pedal Steel with amp feedback
    • Pedalboard - Pedal steel through an ambient pedalboard
    • Slide - Noisy brass slide on strings
    • Plate and Spring - Pedal Steel 100% wet through plate and spring reverbs
    • Spaced - 100% wet with no feedback through Roland Space Delay